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KMJ Diecast II

Hot Wheels 2001 - Collector # 238/240 - Ferrari F50 - Purple - 5 Dots - USA Card

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Hot Wheels 2001 - Collector # 238/240 - Ferrari F50 - Purple - 5 Dots - USA Card - MPN 53767

Wiki says: The Ferrari F50 is a limited-production high-performance sports car manufactured by Ferrari from 1995 to 1997. Designed by Lorenzo Ramaciotti and Pietro Camardella, the F50 acted as the successor model to the F40 and as a result became Ferrari's flagship model. It was powered by a 4.7L F130B V12 mated to a 6-speed manual; the engine made 512 horsepower and was a development of the 3.5L 036 V12 used in the Ferrari 641 Formula One race car. The car is manufactured mostly out of carbon fiber and features a removable roof. With Ferrari policy dictating that they produce one less car than what demand required, 349 cars were produced in total. Today, the F50 is one of Ferrari's most collectible models and is part of a group enthusiasts name the "Big 5", including itself, the 288 GTO, F40, Enzo Ferrari and LaFerrari.

This casting depicts a F50 with its removable roof on. It is significantly smaller than the earlier Ferrari F50 Spider casting, also designed by Michael Kollins; it is also more optimized for track usage. This casting has never actually been referred to by the name "Ferrari F50 Challenge" on cards, it always being referred to as simply the Ferrari F50. Bases of some early versions read F50 Spider. The casting was retooled in 2007 to have a plastic base and a post-post construction.

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