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KMJ Diecast II

Hot Wheels 2005 - Collector # 106/182 - White Heat 1/5 - 16 Angels - FTE

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Hot Wheels 2005 - Collector # 106/182 - White Heat 1/5 - 16 Angels - Faster Than Ever - USA '06 Card - MPN G6833

A Good Downhill Racer, Metal Body & Metal Base along with Faster Than Ever Wheels!

Wiki says:  The 16 Angels is an original Hot Wheels design of a 16 cylinder sports car. Inspiration for the car came from the Jaguar E-Type. Nathan Proch first thought about naming the car "E-go Type", but, wanting to avoid being called an ego maniac, changed the name to "Saturday Night Special". Legal put the kibosh on that one for obvious reasons. The eventual choice of "16 Angels" was for its cylinders, and, angels... (from Nathan Proch’s Heavenly Car, a Red Line Club exclusive article by HWC Gary):

"I remember in Bible school when I was a kid, if I’m not mistaken, an angel has the power of 1,000 men or 10,000 men – they’re considered very strong in biblical terms."

Nathan Proch

The casting lost its metal body in 2009 and was retooled in 2017 to become a post-post design.

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