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KMJ Diecast II

Hot Wheels 2019 - Collector # 081/250 - Nightburnerz 2/10 - '85 Honda City Turbo II - Blue - USA

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Hot Wheels 2019 - Collector # 081/250 - Nightburnerz 2/10 - '85 Honda City Turbo II - Blue - USA Card - MPN FYD12

Wiki says: The Honda City Turbo II is a performance-oriented subcompact hatchback manufactured by the Honda Motor Company. Designed by Hirotoshi Honda, son of Soichiro Honda, the City Turbo II was an intercooled version of the previous City Turbo II, which was in turn a performance-oriented version of the first generation Honda City. The City Turbo II was fitted with a 1.2L ER turbocharged inline-4 and fitted with flared fenders and a number of other aesthetic changes; its wider stance and appearance caused the car to be nicknamed "Bulldog" by enthusiasts. The City was designed to be sold along with a small foldable motor scooter named the Motocompo and designed to fit in the trunk of the vehicle. Production of the first generation City ended in October 1986.

The City Turbo also spawned a one-make racing series held in the 1980s called the Honda City Turbo Cup, run by Honda and Honda tuning company Mugen Motorsports. The cars were given more extreme aerodynamics, a more aggressive bodykit and a modified engine, now making 138 horsepower. It is said that most of the cars were purchased by an Australian entrepreneur who wanted to continue the series in Australia; at the time, the cars were stored in a warehouse in Australia. It is alleged that as the cars were waiting to be shipped the Great Hanshin earthquake struck and destroyed the cars. One example is preserved in the Honda Collection Hall in Suzuka.

This casting depicts a Honda City Turbo II with the bodykit of the Turbo Cup cars. As stated by the card back of the New Models version a Motocompo can be seen in the rear. There are a number of variations on the casting having a detailed Honda badge cast into the front and rear.

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