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KMJ Diecast II

Hot Wheels 2020 - Collector # 067/250 - HW Art Cars 8/10 - Rodger Dodger - Gold - Kroger Exclusive

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Hot Wheels 2020 - Collector # 067/250 - HW Art Cars 8/10 - Rodger Dodger - Gold - Kroger Exclusive - USA Card - MPN GHG60

Wiki says: 

The Rodger Dodger is a Hot Wheels depiction of a modified ’73 Dodge Charger SE with a blown V8 poking out of the hood, one of a number of variations on the Bye-Focal design. It has since become one of the most popular Hot Wheels cars ever made, alongside the Twin Mill and Bone Shaker. The early '74 version had a metal base and capped redlines in the rear only. It featured Plum Crazy enamel paint with flame tampos. The Rodger Dodger reused the same base from the 1973 model named "Show-Off". On some models, you can find the original "Show-Off" name partially bleeding through the deletion plate.

There is also rare white interior variation of the plum 1974 Rodger Dodger, as well as a rare blue variation. With video games, you can drive it in Hot Wheels World Race, Stunt Track Challenge, Track Attack, and Unleashed.

Mattel retooled the Rodger Dodger in 1998. Released into the line-up, this first retool is almost identical to the original casting.

In 2015 the car was retooled again. This time, the tool is different to the original casting. The engine, interior and side pipes are one plastic piece. The exhaust pipes now come out from under the front quarter panels.

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