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KMJ Diecast II

Hot Wheels 2022 - Collector # 057/250 - Retro Racers 3/10 - McLaren F1 GTR - Aqua

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Hot Wheels 2022 - Collector # 057/250 - Retro Racers 3/10 - McLaren F1 GTR - Aqua - USA Card - MPN HCW37

Wiki says: The McLaren F1 GTR is a high performance racing version of the standard McLaren F1 used in GT racing. Designed by Gordon Murray and powered by a 6.1L BMW S70/2 V12, the F1 GTR was a successful race car, winning 38 races of the over 120 races it participated in. The car was manufactured in numerous different configurations. 28 chassis of the 106 F1s produced were GTRs; these were raced as late as 2005.

The base of early versions of the casting reads McLaren F 1 GTR. Despite the name, this casting actually depicts a McLaren F1 LM as it features the two side seats not present on the GTR racing models. The casting lost its plastic wing when it entered the mainline for the first time in 2017; the plastic wing reappeared in 2018 when it was used in the Gran Turismo series as well as the Gulf Car Culture series due the fact the original casting tool still exists in the Thailand factory.

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