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KMJ Diecast II

Hot Wheels 2022 - Collector # 128/250 - New Models - Experimotors 7/10 - Layin' Lowrider - Burgundy

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Hot Wheels 2022 - Collector # 128/250 - Experimotors 7/10 - New Models - Layin' Lowrider - Burgundy - USA Card - MPN HCT39

Wiki says: Layin' Lowrider is an unlicensed casting representing a slammed 1960s full-sized automobile with unevenly raised and lowered axles. The casting features a rumbling engine which rocks back and forth when the car is in motion. As a result of this casting's unique construction the interior sits very low into the body and is incomplete with only seats and no dashboard or steering wheel; the seats themselves are cast into the base and are hollow.

The casting's name is a pun on the terms "laying low" and "lowrider".

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