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KMJ Diecast II

Hot Wheels 2023 - Mattel Creations / RLC - Ryu's 1994 NSX - Formula Red - Metal/Metal & Real Riders

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Hot Wheels 2023 - Mattel Creations / RLC - Ryu's 1994 NSX - Formula Red - 'R' / 'International Racing Circuit' - Metal/Metal & Real Riders - Display Box - MPN HGK81.

Wiki says: 

The 1994 NSX is a Hot Wheels casting debuting as an RLC exclusive in 2023. Created as a replica of Ryu Asada's Honda NSX, it features operating headlights and taillights and flashing pace car emergency lights activated by pressing down on the spoiler. It comes packaged in a round display case designed to replicate tarmac from the Suzuka Circuit with a photo of the grandstands in the backdrop. The project was originally slated to have been completed by Ryu as a replica of his own car; Brendon would finish the project in his honor.

A 3.7V rechargeable lithium polymer (LiPo) battery powers the casting's light features. Due to the presence of electronics this casting only has a partial interior with the rest of the interior "leveled" off to allow for space for the electronics. The internal batteries are charged using a micro USB cable; charging takes about an hour. When the batteries are low, the headlights flash when the spoiler is pressed; when the car is being charged the headlights pulsate slowly to indicate that the vehicle is being charged and turn off when the vehicle is fully charged.

From the display case: "When it comes to conversation starter cars, 'Ryu's NSX' is sure to make the list. Acclaimed Hot Wheels® designer Ryu Asada built his own version of the iconic 1994 Suzuka Circuit racetrack safety car as his daily driver, and we present our replica to honor his contribution to the brand and hobby. No detail is left behind: complete with working headlights, taillights, strobing roof lights, full official Suzuka deco, and 5-spoke Real Riders® wheels to round out the authentic execution of this classic piece of automotive heritage. This is one car to display front and center, just as Ryu would have wanted it."

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