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There are several ways to contact us:

eMail =

Phone = 480-512-2276

Postal = KMJ Diecast

1114 W Emerald Ave

Mesa, AZ 85210

Facebook =

We will respond to your inquiries, but if you call us and you get the answer machine please leave a message.

The best time to call is between NOON & MIDNIGHT Arizona Time, those are my hours.

If you are contacting us to sell your Hot Wheels Collection here is some advice:

1st the more work you do the more money you will make.

2nd it is really hard to make your money back right now, if you sell it in bulk you will most likely take a big loss.

3rd do you need the money now or can you wait?

4th try to sell it to a collector not a seller, sellers will only offer you pennies on the dollar.

5th remember the more work you do the more you will make, first you need a detailed list of what you have.

6th try selling it on different sites, eBay, Craigslist, The Toy Peddler, Offer-Up, Facebook, The Yard Sellr, just to name the bigger ones.

7th try selling them in your local area, find Hot Wheels Clubs, Toy Shows, Swap Meets, Yard Sales, etc

8th as a last resort check with Sellers like myself, most will offer you just pennies on the dollar. There is good reason for it. Sellers get offers all the time and we only buy the ones with the biggest profit, the others we pass on knowing there is another around the corner for much less. Here are some other reasons:

a. We already have the inventory, why buy it if we do not need it, only if it is cheap.

b. We buy collections all the time and we do get some good deals, high priced collections we pass on all the time. It is not that your collection does not have value, it is what we have to chose from.

c. We do not need more inventory unless it is a really good deal, which means pennies on the dollar.

d. We could spend the same amount of money on NEW product and see a profit almost immediately. Older product takes years to see the profit.

e. There is a ton of work to do with older inventory, sorting through it, pricing it, researching it, taking a picture of it, writing a description on it, adding it to the inventory, organizing it, storing it, and more .... remember I said the more work you do the more money you will make, if we buy it we then have all that work to do to make a profit.

Thanks for checking with us.

Kirk Smith

KMJ Diecast II