We ship worldwide! 

We DO NOT alter Customs Forms, we will not risk our privileges' for you to save on Import Taxes, sorry. 

We package your items in a secure and safe manner so as they arrive to you in great condition.

We mainly use the USPS, except on larger orders we will use UPS. You can always tell us what you prefer.

The cost of shipping is what it is. We cannot lower the shipping cost, sorry.

You may order up to 200 items per order. The postage will capped so you can save $$$.

To see what you will pay you will need to go thru checkout, shipping is based on the weight and size of the package.  Before you make your payment you will know the shipping costs. Rarely will we ask for more, but if we do require for you to pay more postage the order will not be shipped until you do.

If you want Insurance on your package tell us please.

We normally ship the next business day. However life does throw us all some curves that we must deal with, so sometime it might take 4 or 5 business days. Please be patient and understanding. Thank you.

If you have questions please ask.