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KMJ Diecast II

Hot Wheels 2021 - Collector # 049/250 - Track Stars 2/5 - Fig Rig - Purple

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Hot Wheels 2021 - Collector # 049/250 - Track Stars 2/5 - Fig Rig - Purple - USA Card - Lego Figures Attach - MPN GRY81

Wiki says: Fig Rig is a casting that is designed to work with Mega Bloks Hot Wheels sets. It has Mega Bloks style connection points in the trunk and on the engine: two on the roof, one on the base of the car, and on the rear of the casting.
The casting was modified exclusively in 2017 for the Stunt Bridge Kit, which features a modified engine with one Mega Bloks stud instead of two. The connection points on the engine and in the bed have ”Mega Bloks” moulded into them.
This casting was then modified again in 2021, most notably making the engine part of the body, changing the spoiler/rear handlebar design to better fit the hands of the newer line of Mega Construx Hot Wheels figures, and likely for cost cutting. The front bumper is also now molded into the base and is no longer a tab-post design.

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